1. How often do I have to replace a hair system?

It mainly depends on which base you choose as different bases have different lifespans. Our ultra-thin skin base (0.02-0.04mm) has a lifespan of about 1-2 months while our mono base hair system can last up to a year with the correct care.

Besides this, the frequency you wear it and the way how you care and maintain your hair system also affects its lifespan.

2. Can I sleep, swim or shower with my hair system on?

Definitely YES. You can probably do anything with it. However, chlorine in pools can be harmful to the hair and make the hair drier. So, we recommend you deep condition the hair after you go swimming to help refresh the hair.

3. Which system is the most breathable and suitable for a very active lifestyle?

Full lace hair systems are the most breathable and perfect for a humid/hot climate and for those who have a very active lifestyle.

We also have combined bases of lace and skin which are also breathable and easy to apply and remove. We recommend you to remove the hair system and do a thorough clean once a week if you sweat a lot every day.

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