The general concern that exists in all minds of toupee users is how long it lasts? The common understanding from the reviews of the bald customers who have been using toupee is the natural toupees last for a long time.

Base type

Basically, the toupee longevity depends on the base material first. We suggest below timeframe for a toupee user,

1, Skin, Polyurethane, 1-3 months

2, French lace,3-6 months

3, Mesh or Mono,6-12 months

Hair type

The hair toupees are often made of Human hair, some of the toupee made of Synthetic fiber. Synthetic hair toupee color will not fade so easy, however, the synthetic hair toupee lasts for one year which is less than the natural hair toupee longevity. In some cases, the natural hair toupee lasts for more than two years. The natural hair quality if far more superior than the synthetic hair toupee.

Depends on customers

When we discuss the period of the longevity of a toupee, we need to know what is the exact time period of a toupee by a customer. In general, a long-time use depends upon how a customer strictly follows the recommendations of the store officials and experts. In a word, you need take care of your toupee to make it used for a longer lifespan.

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