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AHF11 Versalite Zigzag, French Lace Front 1inch with Zigzag

There are 2 contradictory peaks in our hair industry: Natural and Durable

It is not possible to achieve both in the same design

What we can do is to find a balance in between

Versalite just hit the right point to balance Natural and Durable

The perfect bleached French Lace front creates the natural hairline

Fine mono supplies enough durability for the whole unit

The polyskin perimeter makes the edge thin and natural

All these improvements based on Bond make Versalite a shining nva!


Base MaterialFrench Lace & Poly
Front ContourCC
Hair TypeIndian Hair
Hair Length6″
Hair CurlStraight Body wave
Hair DirectionFreestyle
Bleach KnotsFront lace bleach,
Lifespan6 months

Product Description

AurumHair’s patented zig zag poly skin hair system sets the bar for natural-looking men’s hairpieces. The zig-zag polyurethane coating along the hairline blends seamlessly with the scalp, creating an undetectable front. The poly skin temples further enhance the illusion of hair growing from the scalp.

The smooth poly surface allows easy application and removal using medical adhesives. Combining premium hair, bases and customized hairlines, AurumHair delivers virtually undetectable hair replacements.

With innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship, AurumHair provides men with thinning hair the confidence of a comfortable, secure and natural-looking hair system.






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