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AHF4 Q6 French lace with Sides and Back Poly, with Supporting Thread all over, PU inside scalloped

  • There are thousands of holes on the French lace of the hair system, which allows heat and moisture to escape, enhancing your comforts level even on hot days.
  • A thin poly skin perimeter is added from side to side across the back to make the hair system more durable. It also improves your convenience to use glue and bondings on it.
  • The hair system features a high level of naturalness by employing 100% human hair and bleached knots techniques.
  • Easy to attach and clean, especially friendly for beginners to hair systems.
Base Size
Front ContourCC
Hair Type100% Indian Human Hair
Hair Length6″
Hair Curl32mm
Hair DensityMedium Heavy
Hair Color
Hair DirectionFreestyle
Bleach KnotsFull Bleach, except in dark color 1#, 1A#, and light color 7# and up.
Lifespan3 months

Product Description

Introducing our revolutionary Q6 Hair Replacement System – the ultimate solution for a breathtakingly natural and versatile look. Crafted with ultra-lightweight French lace and a state-of-the-art PU perimeter, this cutting-edge system allows your clients to effortlessly achieve any desired hairstyle, from classic to contemporary.

Designed with superior breathability and comfort in mind, the Q6 Hair Replacement System offers an unparalleled wearing experience. Its lightweight construction ensures a seamless, barely-there feel, while the French lace base provides a remarkably natural appearance that seamlessly blends with your client’s own hairline.

With the Q6, transforming an ordinary look into a celebrity-worthy mane has never been easier. Simply put it on, and marvel at the effortless transformation. The reinforced PU back and sides not only strengthen the lace base but also ensure a secure and hassle-free attachment, eliminating the frustrations of slipping or fraying.

Unlock a world of confidence and style with the Q6 Hair Replacement System. Empowering your clients to embrace their desired look with ease, this innovative solution is a game-changer in the world of hair replacement.











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