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AHF5 Hollywood French lace with full poly perimeter, front french lace 1/3″

  • Super breathable and comfortable. With thousands of holes on the surface, the lace hair system allows heat and moisture to escape, enhancing the comforts even in hot climates or weather.
  • A piece of thin poly skin is added around especially to add strength and also improve the convenience to hold and clean bondings.
  • Invisible knots effect by using bleached knots techniques.
  • Easy to attach and clean, especially friendly for beginners to hair systems.
  • Especially fit for wears who love work out, outdoor activities or lives in hot climate or weather.
Base Material
Front ContourCC
Hair TypeIndian Hair
Hair Length6″
Hair Curl32mm
Hair Density
Hair Color
Hair DirectionFreestyle
Bleach KnotsFront lace Bleach, except in dark color #1, #1A, and light color #7 and up.
Lifespan3 months

Product Description

Experience the pinnacle of hair replacement artistry with our meticulously crafted men’s hair units. Combining the finest French lace at the top and front with a durable poly perimeter, these exceptional pieces offer an unparalleled blend of natural realism and practical convenience.

The French lace construction ensures a seamless, virtually undetectable integration with your existing hairline, creating an incredibly lifelike appearance that defies detection. This exquisite material not only mimics the delicate texture of natural hair growth but also allows for superior breathability and comfort throughout wear.

Complementing the ultra-realistic lace top and front is a robust poly perimeter, expertly designed to enhance manageability and ease of application. This innovative construction offers increased durability and resilience, making it effortless to handle, style, and secure the unit in place with utmost precision.

With our men’s hair replacement units, the art of hair restoration meets the pinnacle of functional design. Enjoy the freedom to embrace a full, natural-looking head of hair without compromising on practicality or comfort. Regain your confidence and embrace a transformed appearance that seamlessly blends into your daily life.











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