Mono Top With Wefted Hair Topper

  • Innovative design with a fine monofilament top section and wefted sides/back
  • Allows for exceptional breathability, comfort, and extensive durability
  • Made with 100% top-quality straight Chinese Remy human hair
  • Clips along the edges facilitate easy application and instant removal
  • Underventilated hair along the front edge of the base
  • Creates a natural, undetectable front hairline for a seamless blend
Base DesignFine Mono in body
WaveNatural straight hair (you can curl the hair as you wish)
Hair TypeNatural Straight, Chinese Cuticle Remy Hair
Hair StyleFree Style
Note4 clips in the perimeter, Undervents in front&temples,clips in sides&back

Product Description

Mono Top With Wefted Hair Topper 100% Chinese Remy hair. Innovative base with breathable monofilament top and wefted sides/back. Undetectable underventilated front hairline. Discreet clips for easy application/removal. Available in 5 shades on a generous 6″x7″ base. High-tech construction meets opulent Remy strands for maximum comfort and an undetectable, customized look. Elevate your style with this premium topper.



Human Hair Topper Collection




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